Le Papier Studio

Le Papier Studio sells beautiful products and needed a storefront that could showcase the creativity and detail of each piece. They also needed a store (and an agency partner) that could grow with them as they expanded.

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Le Papier Studio

How We Helped

Store Migration, Theme Customization, Custom Development

Trust builds a solid partnership

When Vana and her team at Le Papier Studio first called, they needed to migrate their storefront to Shopify. Sure, we can do that.

And we did, though the migration had its challenges. As platform migrations typically go, their data needed restructuring and the road to standardization required several calls between our companies. We talked through even the thorniest issues candidly and enjoyed getting to know each other.

The storefront worked. Le Papier Studio grew and Vana called us in for round two, this time delivering a data-driven design based on a user experience audit. So great to work with our friends again.

Heads down and sleeves rolled up, Le Papier Studio continued to grow. We huddled again. This time to collaborate on a design refresh mandated by the need for additional pages. This is getting exciting.

We love when the repeat phone call rings.
It means our friends are growing.

Honesty builds trust.

After doing a long research on Shopify I hired Kelly and her team to migrate my old Zen Cart into Shopify. The process was lengthy and at times complicated. Kelly kept a high level of professionalism throughout our project. She was very communicative and addressed all my concerns in record time. She is very knowledgeable and very thorough. I would happily recommend her to everyone who is thinking of making Shopify their new selling platform. — Le Papier Studio