Eat Your Coffee

When you need both a snack and a caffeine boost, Eat Your Coffee is there to serve with delicious snack bars each containing a cup of coffee. We teamed up with Eat Your Coffee to launch a custom-built ReCharge customer portal that would allow customers to easily manage subscriptions in a flash.

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Eat Your Coffee

How We Helped

ReCharge Customer Portal Buildout, Theme Customization

Managing subscriptions on the go

With a rapidly growing customer base, Eat Your Coffee wanted to get ahead of the game to ensure customers were satisfied with their experience shopping whether the customer is brand new or a loyal, long-term buyer. While their website was already set up for success, they desired having a more seamless subscription management portal to start or change subscriptions with ease. Our team at The Taproom knew just what to do.

With a custom-built customer portal using ReCharge's Theme Engine (available on ReCharge Pro), Eat Your Coffee's customers can easily maintain their subscriptions whether on desktop or mobile. With ease, customers can add new items, change their shipment dates, and cancel a subscription if needed - all from one single page.

Preview the customer portal

Want to see Eat Your Coffee's customer portal in action? Check out the video below.